Actors for role-play

Actors for Role-Play

Actors for Training Videos  – Learning and Development

I have known Martha for nearly 15 years, we have done communication skills training for different medical professionals; with NES, in live training sessions (GPs, nurses, and receptionists) and small group work for GPs. 

Martha did the production of the videos (and acted in some of them), Seth Gardner was the director As I expected from my previous work with Martha, the work was highly professional, and the videos produced were superb. The videos have already been studied by many GPs, nurses and pharmacist groups throughout Scotland. There are about 5,000 members of groups who will study them in total, and initial feedback has been good.

GP, Forth Valley GP Educational Advisor for NES for over 15 years

I have known Martha Leishman for over ten years and Seth Gardener for about five years. I have worked mostly with Martha on various projects relating to communication skills training. In 2011 they produced a communication skills DVD which is excellent and we still use in various ways to enhance skills and knowledge of health care staff. They both have a wealth of knowledge and practice and an extremely professional manner at all times. They have a natural respect for humanity and convey that in their work which is commendable.

Sandra Campbell, Macmillan Nurse Consultant for Cancer & Palliative Care, 

Lead Cancer Team NHS Forth Valley

Role-Play at Work

Are you looking for an inspiring approach that will create stand-out training sessions for you and your business? Are you looking to put an extra sparkle into your conferences? Would you like to have a truly creative intervention?

We can design sessions around people development issues in your organisation. We work with a team of skilled actors who create recognisable and authentic characters for role-play. We do the acting!  We do not humiliate or spring nasty surprises.  But we do offer levels of challenge as appropriate and even some fun, without fear. We also offer individual feedback to your team to enhance the learning. In addition we can make tailor made training or information videos for your websites and conferences.

The benefits for you and your team are:

  • A learning-by-doing approach (experiential) which has longer-lasting benefits over traditional learning methods * Research by Sir John Whitmore (Coaching for Performance) illustrates that of those who are ‘told and shown and experience, 85% are able to recall the information after 3 weeks and 65% after 3 months, as opposed to 70% who recall told only information after 3 weeks, dropping to 10% recalling the information after 3 months’.
  • Tailor-made scenarios based on key issues at the heart of your business
  • The opportunity for you and your colleagues to re-visit conversations and re-enact them with a dynamic approach
  • Supportive colleague-to-colleague learning
  • Individual, motivational feedback for you and your team, promoting self-discovery and self-awareness

Our experience

We have provided actors for corporate role-play for fifteen years for clients including BP,  Stellar Partnership, Miller Construction, People Matters, Chevron, Investors in People, the Judicial Institute, Sheppard Moscow, the Scottish Child Law Centre, St George’s School, James Duns House, the GP Partnership, NHS Forth Valley and Levati Learning.  In addition we have produced DVDs for learning and development for Macmillan Cancer Support, and the Practice Based Small Group Learning.

Working in partnership with Martha and her team has been critical for us in the success of a major project in a large financial services client. At each stage it has felt like the focus was on what we jointly needed to do together to get the best outcome for the client. This was the platform for some good honest conversations and a very successful working relationship.

Oonagh Gaff, Director, Levati Learning