About Me: Martha Leishman

About Me: Martha Leishman

Martha LeishmanI specialise in interview skills training.  I also design and deliver training on communication with my team of actors, skilled at role-play and feedback. I use my  experience as a professional actor and voice-over artist to inform my coaching and training.  

Do you need practical help with your presentations?

Would you like to be able to speak in front of people with confidence?

If you are looking for support with your presentation then I can help you. Based in the west end of Glasgow, we offer specialist training for successful presentations and interviews. We will work through your speech looking at content and delivery.  If you are in the early stages of preparation we can build your speech together. Good practice makes perfect so we will ‘rehearse’ prior to your speaking event, in the way actors rehearse with their director before performing on stage.  I can support your training with performance techniques which will strengthen your delivery and help you to make a positive impact with your audience.

By making this connection with your audience you can enjoy the experience of public speaking. The process can help you gain confidence, find your strengths and passions and even make memorable presentations.


If you are looking for role-play training then I have a team of actors on hand, skilled at playing ‘real’ characters. Together we can help you make memorable training events. With my team of actors, based in central Scotland but able to travel over the UK we design scenarios such as appraisals and interviews to consultants’ meetings and offer you and your team motivational feedback. Whatever the skill for development, we bring a dynamic role-play intervention.


I can show you performance techniques if you are going up for an interview, wanting to influence and lead your team or speak powerfully in public. It’s a bit like having your own personal director before you go on stage! Would you like the confidence to be a larger than life version of you? Actors have their own rehearsal time and their own director before going on stage – why shouldn’t you?

Find out how I can help.


I trained at the Royal Conservatoire in Scotland and then at the Guildford School of Acting. I have an MA in Scottish History from St Andrews University and I  qualified as a coach with Results Coaching.  I have been been active with the Association for Coaching for over ten years and I am also an Equity member.

I created Speech and Drama in the year 2000 and have been involved with facilitating and coaching since then, alongside my acting and voiceover work.