Presentation Skills Training latest

Presentation Skills Training latest

Work by Martha Leishman – Voice over artist

Presentation Skills Training day with Stephen Breen, Mairi Macdonald, Sarah Mortimer and Mairi Mallon of

“We asked Martha to come in to help us with some training. As a boutique specialist PR agency we all have to regularly pitch for business and are often asked to speak publicly – and between the four of us we had varying degrees of skill on public speaking and pitching.

“Martha came in, worked with each of us on our speaking voices, projection, slowing down, enunciation, stance… and so much more. She helped us to find tools to deal with stage fright, difficult situations and the exercise really honed our message and made us think more deeply about what we needed to say about ourselves.

“I think the work she has done with us will really help us to take our business forward and has given us all the confidence to move ahead with our presentation skills. I would not hesitate to recommend Martha to both our clients and peers.”

Mairi Mallon, Chief Executive of Rein4ce