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Does the thought of that pending speaking engagement keep you awake in the wee small hours?  Or are you an anxious parent, concerned about how your talented but mumbling son or daughter will come across at their first job interview?

If either of the above is you, then we can help.

 How much do you prepare before a speaking event….. and if so how?  Do you spend hours perfecting your script so that on the day you know your material – in your head? But what about the knees that insist on trembling, the breathing that becomes faster and shallower, the nerves that trip you up every time you open your mouth? Our coaching takes you through a rehearsal which manages those nerves and ensures you are prepared  – practically and intellectually – for your speaking event. We work with you on want to say and how you  say it, for maximum impact.

Martha’s approach is person-centred. She considers all the key areas you need…emotional, physical, intellectual and technical areas relevant to public speaking and presenting. High praise is not something I give lightly but in Martha’s case is it very well earned

Helen Murdoch CEO Hanover Housing