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Martha LeishmanWe specialise in interview coaching and support due to redundancy or outplacement. We coach executive clients making speeches or presentations, using performance techniques to enhance confidence and communication. Equally at home to students and first time job applicants, we enable candidates to find their authentic stories for winning outcomes.

We give you practical techniques to help you deliver confident presentations. You will learn supportive techniques that enhance delivery and confidence such as vocal projection, clarity and posture.  We enable you to connect with your audience by strengthening rapport, so they fully engage with your message.

Our transformational outplacement coaching follows a client led agenda through an ‘inside out’ process. We work on behavioural aspects at interview encompassing three dimensional perspectives of the process to encourage presence and authenticity. We apply coaching tools to develop positive rapport and clear communication; coaching support around interview etiquette, best practice and preparation.

Martha’s coaching is truly inspirational; she is THE choice for all motivational speakers. The techniques she uses are beyond compare and will enable your words to catch fire.  Time with Martha will give you the inspiration you need.

Andrea Gardner Bestselling author, ‘Change Your Words, Change Your World’